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AMAZON: The million square-foot warehouse is being erected now on Route 9 between exits 11 and 12 and will be a fullfillment center for Amazon. See SPDA's position in Latest Advertiser Articles. The neighborhood of Richwood and Hillcrest Drives fight back. Link to the Save Schodack petition and website to read the latest developments. Meanwhile the Town approved more taxpayer funds for lawyers to defend the appeal, which could have been avoided if they had required and reviewed a full environmental impact statement prior to approval. What is an environmental impact statement (EIS)? See also the EPA's description of an EIS.

GOULET TRUCKING: HAZARDOUS WASTE TRUCK-HAULER PROPOSED for Route 9 and Lape Road. Neighbors speak out on Planning Board's consideration of Goulet Trucking Corporate Headquarters and truck-washing facility. See WNYT's 4/12/19 and 4/16/19 broadcasts. Hazardous wastes include contaminated soils, municipal solid waste, coal and incinerator ash, scrap metal, sewage treatment plant sludge, paper sludge, recyclables, demolition debris, and asbestos waste. The proposed use is prohibited in the direct recharge area of the Town's Aquifer (see Documents, External Links). See also the Public Hearing video (4/15/19)and PB meeting (3/18/19, with comments) video. Updates on developments will be posted when more is known about the status of the proposal.

ZONING! Community awaits completion of Town-wide zoning, which has been pushed forward again by the Town of Schodack Zoning Working Group. Town-wide zoning must be completed before the Town Center Plan will be finalized by the Town Board. Link to the Town Center Plan, which was approved over 6 years ago, pending finalization with passage of new zoning laws. Tell your Supervisor, Planning Board, and Town Council to finish the job, and update our zoning laws.

Details of SPDA's input:​ see Imput for the Zoning Work Group and Latest Advertiser Articles, several written by our members.

Town Board Meetings and Planning Board Meetings are now being streamed LIVE.

Clean Energy Communities Program Presentation was presented on Feb. 8, 2018 at 7 PM at the Town Hall in Schodack. Learn more about the program HERE.

Schodack Candidate Forum:

SPDA is pleased to announce that the Nov. 1, 2017 Candidate Forum we organized was a success. Over 140 people attended, and key questions concerning planning and development and many other topics were fielded by the Candidates. Many thanks go to the League of Women Voters of Rensselaer County, the Maple Hill High School Participation-in-Government students, Goolds Orchards for refreshments, and SPDA volunteers. Here are some quotes from the Candidate Forum related to Development.

Pictures from the Candidate Forum in 2017, sponsored by SPDA.