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Clove Road Schoolhouse


  • Support and encourage the Town to continue, but more aggressively, to implement the comprehensive plan. Address the needed land management practices which will benefit the environment, our Aquifer, and all our residents, including our farming community.
  • Encourage the Zoning and Planning Committees and Board to make decisions that clarify the intent of our code and develop new regulations that support the concepts of Smart Growth. This will enable developers to have a clear idea of what is expected, which will foster development and a healthy tax base.
  • Support, encourage and participate in the Town’s effort to move forward on the Town Center Plan.
  • Continue to engage and educate the community regarding the concepts of smart planning & growth in the Town of Schodack. Seek the input and expertise of residents on development in our Town.


  • Advocates for a Comprehensive Plan - When we began, a comprehensive plan was not on the Town's agenda. We brought attention to this through our public forums, leaflets, and meetings. We wrote and published the report, The Future of the Town of Schodack: Perspectives on Growth and Development, based on focus groups, and public forums held in 2006 and 2007. We spoke with more than 120 residents from all walks of life in preparing the report. We presented it to the Schodack Planning Board in Dec. 2007, with recommendations for action.
  • Commercial Design Guidelines - In 2009 we worked in partnership with the Town on a Town Committee that developed the Commercial Design Guidelines Manual. The need for design standards was one of the recommendations in our 2007 report. Three of our members served on this Committee.
  • Community Forums – 2006 - 2017 - We have organized public forums on: “Town's Drinking Water Resource”; “Schodack Town History”, “Schodack’s Farmland Forum”, “Strategies for Planning and Development in the Future” and “Open Meetings & Freedom of Information Law.” We have also sponsored “Meet the Candidate” nights to provide a forum for local politicians and for citizens to educate themselves on candidates’ positions.
  • Advocates for Smart Growth and Development - Members regularly attend both Town & Planning Board meetings seeking to influence the boards to focus on comprehensive planning and smart growth principles. Focus at these meetings is often on the need for more community involvement in these planning efforts. ​