Schodack Planning and Development Association

Schodack Town Center

We are a not-for-profit group dedicated to responsible growth and the town’s natural resources such as the Aquifer.

PLEASE JOIN US! We meet at Nassau Free Library, Nassau, NY (lower level). Contact our President (below) for our next meeting and for cancellations due to weather. We are encouraged to use overflow parking across the street in St. Mary's parking lot.


We are committed to sustainable development and smart planning for the Town of Schodack

  • Creating a visionary comprehensive plan with the involvement of community groups, the farming community, the business community, the Planning & Zoning Boards, school district administrators & other key stakeholders
  • Maintaining a healthy tax base
  • Maintaining the character of Schodack while exploring creative strategies for reducing sprawl & other development trends which could destroy the town’s natural and historic resources and other positive characteristics
  • Taking advantage of the expertise of the citizenry and the town’s close proximity to State and County government resources



Stephen Van Hoose, RA, President, Ph: 518-772-7579

Tony Kirby, Vice-President, Ph: 518-477-9574

Richard Sinclair, Treasurer

Website Creator and Administrator, Barb Spink

Founded in 2006

~See our SPDA garden at Schodack Town Park~

We accept donations of any amount. Donations are NOT tax-deductible. Checks made out to "Schodack Planning and Development Association" can be sent to Richard Sinclair, 81 Burden Lake Road, Schodack, NY 12033. Annual dues are $25 per person or $35 per family. Thank you for your support.