The Renewable Energy and Sustainable Living Fair was on Sat., Oct. 28, at the Doane Stuart School in Rensselaer and was informative, well-attended, and fun.  Go to Facebook and this link to see more.​ 


ZONING! Community awaits completion of Town-wide zoning by the Zoning Working Group before the Town Center Plan will be finalized by the Town Board. On 4/27/17 the Town Center Plan report was presented.  Link to Town Center Plan report HERE:                          Details of SPDA's input:

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This town can be so much more. So let's make it happen...

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​Town & County ELECTIONS were held in November.  Congratulations to David Harris (Supervisor), Deb Curtis (Town Clerk), Scott Swartz and Jim Bult (Town Board).  


We are a non-profit group dedicated to responsible growth and the town’s natural resources such as the Aquifer. 
We meet every third Thursday of the month (excluding July and August) at the Nassau Free Library, Nassau, NY, lower level, 6:30 PM.

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Schodack Candidate Forum:

SPDA is pleased to announce that the Nov. 1 Candidate Forum we organized was a success.  Over 140 people attended, and key questions concerning planning and development and many other topics were fielded by the Candidates.  Many thanks go to the League of Women Voters of Rensselaer County, the Maple Hill High School Participation-in-Government students, Goolds Orchards for refreshments, and SPDA volunteers.  

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Schodack Planning and Development Association



Schodack Planning and Development Association (SPDA)

We are committed to sustainable development and smart planning for the Town of Schodack 

  • The creation of  a visionary comprehensive plan with the involvement of community groups, the farming community, the business community, the Planning & Zoning Boards, school district administrators & other key stakeholders 
  • Maintaining a healthy tax base  
  • Maintaining the character of Schodack while exploring creative strategies for reducing sprawl & other development trends which could destroy the town’s natural and historic resources and other positive characteristics 
  • Taking advantage of the expertise of the citizenry and the town’s close proximity to State and County government resources